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PST plugin for QGIS

An open source tool for performing spatial analyses

PST combines the space syntax description of the urban environment with conventional descriptions of attraction into the combined accessibility analysis tool PST.  It is currently available as a plugin for the MapInfo Professional GIS software and QGIS, an open source GIS software. 

  • Download the newest version 3.2.5 here
  • Documentation can be downloaded here
  • Download tutorials and training data here
Map of London with results spatial analysis using PST
Map of London with results spatial analysis using PST


PST is developed by KTH School of Architecture, Chalmers School of Architecture (SMoG) and Spacescape AB. Alexander Ståhle, Lars Marcus, Daniel Koch, Martin Fitger, Ann Legeby, Gianna Stavroulaki, Meta Berghauser Pont, Anders Karlström, Pablo Miranda Carranza, Tobias Nordström

Quick facts


  • Tool
  • Space Syntax
  • Urban analytics
  • Urban morphology
  • Evidence-based design


  • Meta Berghauser Pont
  • Ioanna Stavroulaki
  • Lars Marcus


  • Spacescape AB
  • KTH Royal Institute of Technology

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